March 29, 2010

more nebraska smooches

After a nice relaxing weekend (that included knocking a couple of things off of my 2010 to-do list, more to come later) I found myself bright and early this morning with a link to view a friends Etsy store and I fell in love. Cheers to more smooches!

olive robot hat via the fuzzy robot

jute bags with message label via south house boutique

i heart mr. moustache via jos studio

baby leather skull and cross slippers via scandeez

starling a line sundress by emma girl designs

pink felt heart garland by littleseeta

have a good day!



March 17, 2010

green loves!

a green hat for daddy (made by Aubrey)

a pot of gold for mommy (made by Aubrey)

an dreams for a bunch of green balloons for Aubrey :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!



March 13, 2010

spring makeover

Progress was made this week - I can now see where the 8 small Christmas trees are that we staked into the ground a bit over 4 months ago. Yep, those same Christmas trees that I only had the opportunity to turn on twice before they were suffocated by the wet, cold stuff.

It is officially almost spring. Not today, today it is freezing cold, but I know in my heart it is coming! :) I'm excited about the possibilities of warm breezes and fresh design.

spring flower curtain via MollaSpace
if we lived in a giant old house with a giant lovely tree i would spend hours decorating it just like this kelly oshiro events my be my hero

 my favorite color combo, retro find from Design Sponge {via 2006}

kat in the city via modern twist


aubrey creations

 My husband wearing the newest obsession - headband animals.

Cat in the hat hat.

 the next big creation!

Remember how I said that my five year old is this really creative ball of energy? I wanted to post her latest works of art - all are concepts dreamed up and designed by our little one. Soo cute!



March 2, 2010

march love list (via Operation Nice)

One of my very favoritest blogs is Operation Nice and yesterday the assignment was to create a March Love List.

When I saw it I knew that is exactly what I needed - even with a nice long vacation February the endless snowfall, cold, and crispness of 2010 wore off - so a love list of March is a perfect way to start thinking about what excitement I have to look forward to in the next 31 days! I have to say, I am pretty excited after putting everything down on paper!

love, brooke


February 28, 2010

nebraska smooches

You know the feeling you get when you find a song that you really dig before anyone else and you sing along to it for weeks at the top of your lungs only to casually say, "yep, I've been listening to that song for weeks" when it starts play on the radio?

I totally feel that way about the random finds below with cherry on top being they are all local, Nebraska folks that are immensely talented!

A BIG PS all finds were made possible by Etsy's shop local assembly. (If you haven't shopped via Etsy or even just gotten lost in the amazingness of handmade goodies, today is the day!)

Chocolate Cupcake Hair Clip - with Sprinkles via Lulu Bug Boutique 

Appreciation tags via Jos Studio 

across a crowded room via deciduou soul  

dragon hat in fushia via pedestrian

 felt girl's camera love bag via the pink pooka  

sophisticated in stripes tie via bellas sweet boutique 

antique tin heart from reclaimed barn roof via M West Designs  

 Golden Teak Chandelier Necklace via Sarah White Jewerly 




February 7, 2010

xoxo dyi valentine goodie bags

Remember in elementary school when you spent hours making your paper bag look super cute in anticipation of catching all of those lovely Valentines? Just like birthday cards, something unexpected inside at the end of the day was the exactly what you were secretly hoping for. Mine was the red suckers with the white writing. I don't know why - I just really liked the suckers! I wanted to make Aubrey's Valentine's Day special this year and since she is a little craftista herself, I wanted to channel that creativity into her Valentine's Day cards. I love the way they turned out and they are super easy to make!

You will need:
- bags of Hersey Kisses (I bought one too many, on purpose :) )
- clear archival sleeves (found at Michaels)
- cardstock
- ribbon
- scissors
- hole punch

Step 1: We used 5 kisses per bag, using the smalles archival sleeves.

Step 2: Then we made a leaning tower of ribbon (optional) :)

Step 3: Create/Print off your bag header design. We used hearts from Three Paper Peonies and font via Kevin and Amanda.

Step 4: Punch a two holes, thread the ribbon, and tie in a bow!

Step 5: Drink wine + eat the rest of the kisses!

XOXO, Brooke


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