December 28, 2009

felt the love

One of my daily reads A Beautiful Mess featured this fantastic orange, felt bow. I just had to find out how to create one of my own.

 Visit Twig & Thistle for this lovely and 4 more felt projects!



fa-la-la-la I'm tying a string around my finger

Yesterday was our first trip out of the house since Thursday. Yep, the packed Wal-Mart gave an oddly freeing feeling; a conquest conquered. It was like we were a part of the world again - woo-hoo! After the Christmas celebration was over and the endless hours of snow set in, I was looking for some great diy projects with stuff I have laying around and I found these perfect picks that Aubrey and I started tinkering with. These fantastic finds can be made before you put away this years decorations for a special surprise next year!

Katie Did garland

perfect for Aubrey's room via Sparklecandance

perfect for the left over Christmas paper that i {heart!} via Bloesem

a glamorous cascade of ornaments by dress design decor

lovely wreath via Living with Lindsey


December 23, 2009

too many things, such little time

Almost one week away from 2010 I decided that I needed a game plan for my randomicity on pretty paper with boxes allowing the ever so satisfying crunch of another item off the list. I utilized fonts from Kevin & Amanda with lovely details my latest obsession - Jaime Choi of Three Paper Peonies (honestly, how cute are her papers?!)

Ready to tackle 2010? The PDF download is available for anyone to use - get your sharpies ready!

2010 to do list


December 18, 2009

my name is brooke and i'm a procrastinator

My 101 ideas about Christmas cards fits neatly into this little pocket, tucked right behind the last 101 Christmas card ideas I had last year. Only problem? I exhibit no ability to actually follow through with these ideas, so they remain there in their raw form until we get to the week before Christmas and I suddenly realize my board is full with other peoples children smiling and I haven't even ordered any. I usually get by in a pinch with something I re-worked mid July when I told myself I would get these done in October next year or the last minute Shutterfly sale that comes just after Christmas...perfect timing for a Happy New Years! card send out.

One great thing about my procrastination? The random, great finds that Etsy has rewarded me with and the secret that comes with them. Forgo the traditional photo cards from the major retailers with their generic designs and dive into these lovelies that can all be printed off by you!

Filmstrip Custom Holiday Photo Card by announcingyou

Color Pop Custom Christmas Card by announingyou

 It's not too late for the new year holiday card by OhBayBee

And what is an "after the holidays card" without a letter explaining why you have been so busy you completely forgot to get Christmas cards out on time?

Printable customized stationary by yaelfran

One of a kind custom Christmas tree-shaped letter by thewildcocoabean


December 17, 2009

oh christmas tree

I can't believe Christmas is a week away - to do lists are still too long, gifts in a obnoxious pile in front of my bathroom door, and I think we have turned out outside lights on twice (before the snow covered up the switch). But even so it is those little things that I savor - the way Aubrey lights up when a Christmas movie is playing, the way she tries to run away when Santa is around (not a big fan of people dressed up), going shopping with Jason, and driving home through streets full of twinkling lights. I love the little things.


December 16, 2009

lets do lunch

Can you believe how cute these are?! I found this randomistic website Funky Lunch while searching for some kids cookie cutters for santa to bring Aubrey.  The site promises merch soon - I'll be first in line!

 Charlie and Lola are my fav's! Check out the piano!


snow day

Remember how exciting it was when you woke up in the morning and there was just enough snow on the ground? Yep, it was that kind of day. Curl up on the couch, watch movies, and make snowflakes with Aubrey.


December 15, 2009

25 days of giving

Growing up my favorite part of the Christmas season was this banner advent calendar that my mom put up in the living room. I can't remember the design nor the figure we moved each day but I remember being toasty warm and listening to the never ending Wee Sing for Christmas tape waiting for one more day to pass until presents were under the tree.

This year I decided for forgo the snowman advent calendar/plush toy that we lost the snowflake to 4 years ago and create a new family tradition.  Our little one is five and I wanted her to understand that the season is not about getting, but what we can give to others. With that in mind we created our 25 days of giving advent calendar. For 20 days we will pull a number off the wall and inside will be a $1 ($1 + 20 days = $20) and with the $20 our little one will pick out and purchase the toy requested by another little one looking forward to Christmas morning as we are. It's simple idea and a tradition that I'm excited to begin!


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